Wobbly Life

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Wanna have a great time in the virtual world? Then welcome to Wobbly Life! This is a whole city that you can explore at will, doing all kinds of exciting things. The territory you’ll find yourself at is located on a huge island. Immediately after creating an account, you will be offered to find a place to live and work. You can reside in two districts – one in the very center of the city, surrounded by modern infrastructure and neon lights, and the other in a quiet suburb, in the lap of nature. You can choose which lifestyle you like best!

There is a river flowing in the middle of the island, dividing it into two parts. Players can move between them across a bridge that can be lifted up so that the boats can pass below. This is an impressive sight, the main thing is not to be on the bridge at this moment – of course, if you are not a fan of unexpected flights! But even that won’t hurt you, because you can’t die in Wobbly Life. It is the safest and friendliest place in the virtual world. And there is a lot to see here!

Mountaineers can try their hand at climbing a high peak (perhaps at the top you will find some kind of surprise). You can go underground and explore the subway. Or take a train ride enjoying the speed and the views that pass by the window. You can have a tasty meal and meet new friends at a local restaurant that serves excellent burgers. And if you want to update your wardrobe, you can look into a clothing store, where the most fashionable and beautiful outfits are waiting for you. Other things can be bought at the supermarket – there is always a wide range of different products here.

Plus, Wobbly Life has a police station, hospital, bank, and even a nuclear power plant! There are some tasks associated with these buildings, and you can also get a job there. If you cope with your responsibilities well, you will get a raise and a salary increase. Money can also be found simply on the ground while traveling around the island. Of course, it’s not scattered everywhere – chests and stashes wait for you in hidden places where an inquisitive eye should peak to discover them. This is another motivation to explore every corner of the island!

In general, life here is beautiful and varied. You can go on this virtual adventure solo or invite your friends. Up to 16 people can play on the map at the same time, so it won’t be boring! Discover all the surprises and delights of Wobbly Life online!

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