Wobbly Life Secrets

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Each game has its own secrets, which can only be learned by spending long hours in the virtual world. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them right now! Here you will find information about some of the hidden objects, locations and pets in Wobbly Life, along with instructions on how to get them. Let’s get started?

For example, how about getting a cool jetpack? Not an ordinary one, but a really advanced alien model! To do this, you need to get a job at a pizzeria and come there exactly at noon. 12 a.m sharp, otherwise it won’t work! After your day is over, a special timer will turn on and a UFO will appear on the location. It will not stand still, so you will have to chase it for a chance to invite the aliens to taste the delicious earthly pizza. As a reward, they will give you the coveted costume!

There is another interesting item in the game – a rocket car. It is hidden in a container in the dock. To get there, cross the bridge and head towards the boats. You will see a big red box – that’s where the rocket car is waiting for you. Open it and get your unusual vehicle. It will allow you to drive over vertical surfaces and do many more cool things!

Playing Wobbly Life is much more enjoyable when you have a loyal pet. But do you know about secret pets that are not so easy to get? For example, the fancy chicken! The first thing you need is a bag of money. It is given by default for completing any job available in the city. Then go to the farm (in the upper left corner of the map) and buy a chicken coop. Now go inside, holding the bag of money in your hands. The fancy chicken will hatch soon and take this money in exchange for its gorgeous persona! There is more stuff like that waiting for you on our site. Apply these tips and benefit from Wobbly Life secrets that very little people know about!

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