Wobbly Life Game Play Online For Free

From time to time we all want to escape from the dull reality and plunge into another, bright world, where everything is possible and never boring. Such a world exists in online games. Especially noteworthy in this regard are all kinds of sandboxes. After all, they don’t impose any plot you need to follow or a certain sequence of actions – you choose how to explore the locations on your own, you decide which tasks to agree to, and which ones you don’t really like. It’s similar to real life, only much cooler! If you want to plunge into a whirlpool of exciting events and adventures, Wobbly Life is just what you need!

Find a job, complete tasks, earn coins!

The game begins with a short background story. Ironically, the main character has been spending too much time on computer games. His family got tired of putting up with it, and they literally threw him out of the house so that he could learn to take care of himself and do something else besides staring into his PC. And so he stands in the middle of a big city, pondering where to go and what to do.

To begin with, your character needs to live somewhere. So the first thing you need to attend to is choose a house. Of course, at first only simple residences with a minimum of amenities will be available to you, because you were given a little money. But as you earn coins and your savings grow, you can get a bigger apartment, move to a different, more prestigious area and buy yourself a whole bunch of cool things.

Where to get all these funds? You’ll have to get a job. Don’t worry, it will be a lot of fun! Wobbly Life is full of jobs, and they all involve doing some exciting or crazy assignments. You can become a pizza delivery man, make burgers, run your own farm, work in a newspaper, roll toxic waste barrels at a nuclear plant, or even be a garbage sorter. Successful completion of tasks will bring you your first income. Besides, you will be given coins for winning in various contests and coping with different challenges. And you can even find them simply lying somewhere on the map!

Explore, food around, have fun!

And what can you do with this money? A lot of things! You can buy clothes for your character to flaunt fashionable outfits, choose any vehicle to your liking and get a pet that will accompany you everywhere. In addition, Wobbly Life is packed with fascinating activities not related to the any quests. The whole city is an open map, you can go anywhere and you never know what you will find there. In some parts of it, all sorts of surprises are hidden, which only a very attentive and inquisitive player can discover.

And of course, don’t forget that this game has multiplayer! You can create a server especially for your friends and plunge into this world of wacky and funny adventures with them. In total, up to 16 people can simultaneously move around the same map – this is a whole crowd, so you definitely won’t be bored! Compete with other players, beat your own records, earn new achievements. Enjoy every minute you spend in Wobbly Life!

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