Wobbly Life Online

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We can’t try everything in real life. It’s too time-consuming and complicated. However, in the virtual world everything is much simpler and nobody will get hurt if you do something wrong! Besides, it’s so much fun! So if you want to try your hand at various challenges and competitions against real people, it’s time to check out Wobbly Life online! This is basically a sandbox where you are free to do everything you want. It’s enough to see what tasks are available today or walk into one of the many buildings located in the city to participate in another quest!

For instance, you can find out how well you can make burgers in a local cafe. If you think it’s an easy job, you’re very wrong! All the ingredients have to be put together on time and mixed in the right proportions. A separate challenge is to flip the burgers so that they are well-roasted. A similar job is offered at pizza delivery. You will be given a bike to carry hot pizza to hungry customers. Just make sure you arrive on time and don’t get into a traffic jam or, even worse, end up in an accident!

Or you can see what it’s like to work with toxic wastes at a nuclear plant! Your job there will be to load and unload cans with dangerous stuff making sure none of them falls to the floor. Or there will be a deadly explosion! Wobbly Island is generally a very nature-friendly place, so people here care about garbage disposal. One of the quests is also to collect as much trash around the city as you can. You will be competing with other participants, so take your job very seriously! This is just a short list of things you can do in this giant virtual world. Remember that Wobbly Life online is a sandbox, so you’re free to simply walk around and have fun!

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