Baby In Yellow

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3.9 stars (16votes)

What about a new horror experience? In this new adventure, you will play for a plain babysitter. Your new place of work is a big dull mansion. And your ward is a little baby dressed in a yellow overall. The task is to spend several days and nights with it while his parents are away. Where are the trills? Wait a little for a true nightmare to begin.

Explore the house to reveal all secrets!

The first day does not look bad at all. But soon, you will notice strange things – the objects mysteriously change their places. And then, the baby disappears! You need to find it at any cost! There is no other chance but to explore this big dull mansion. But be extremely careful as the place is full of traps and various obstacles. It seems someone has intentionally set them for you. Now you need to overcome your fear and find out what is happening in this terrible house. Good luck!

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